Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The George Washington Institute for Mathematical Sciences (GWIMS) seeks research and training opportunities in cutting-edge applications of mathematical sciences to areas with emerging needs for mathematics. Our current focus is in applications in computational biology. Future activities are expected to include applications in broader areas of science and engineering such as material sciences and computer imaging. Emerging opportunities in core areas of mathematics will also be explored. GWIMS will serve as a hub for researchers with different backgrounds to communicate with each other on their work, to explore collaboration opportunities on interdisciplinary research and training, to connect GW with outside leaders, and to increase the reputation of GW as a national research center in our capital. Given the complex and multi-disciplinary nature of many of today's research frontiers, such an entity is expected to be more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Primary Mission and Goals

  • To promote collaborative research activities between mathematical sciences and other fields.
  • To create inter-disciplinary curriculum in mathematical related courses that will enrich the educational experience for our students.
  • To pursue grant opportunities in both research and training by providing mentorship for individual faculty and organizing group proposals.
  • To establish a reputation of GWU as a national center for mathematical sciences.

Dear Colleague Letter, July 2012


The George Washington Institute for Mathematical Sciences (GWIMS) is a new institute charted by the OVPR in 2011. Our mission is to promote collaborative research and training activities between mathematics and other fields. We seek research and training opportunities in cutting-edge applications of mathematical sciences in areas with emerging needs for mathematics. Read more...